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Eliminator - Custom built, self-propelled Weight Transfer Sled  with Wisconsin's first digital Score Board at the finish line of the track so the tractor driver and everyone in the crowd of spectators can see the actual speed and distance of the tractor going down the track and a computer controlled air horn that sounds a warning when the pulling tractor is exceeding the speed limit set in your rules.  Large Red and Green LED stop-n-go lights on the Score Board for safety and controlling the pullers.  Highly accurate, computerized distance and speed indicators - on the Eliminator, the Announcer's table, and the Score Board at the end of the track.  Eliminator is designed to allow a stock 2500# antique tractor to easily start its pull while also stopping the toughest 12,500# Pro Stock, 26,000# four wheel drive tractors, Modified Trucks, or 2300 horsepower Semi Trucks.  Eliminator works well with light stock trucks all the way up to the toughest Modified trucks.  Our Eliminator gradually increases the weight on the sled without "dropping the pan" and without jerking the tractor or truck to a sudden stop.  Due to the latest modifications, most pulls can be completed without adding additional weights to the Eliminator.  To help keep your clay or dirt track in good condition, our Eliminator was recently remodeled with an extra large 100 sq ft, eight foot wide pan that doesn't pile up a lot of dirt.  For blacktop pulls, we utilize custom rubberized oak planks under the pan.  For truck pulls, the eliminator is designed to give the trucks an easy start, a 25+ mph top speed in the middle of the pull, and a smooth stop.  New for 2010, we have added automatically operated teeth that lower through the pan at predeterimed distances for bringing 1000+ horsepower tractors, trucks, and semis to a smooth stop.  Eliminator comes with an experienced Operator.

Additional Eliminators.  We work with a variety of other companies to provide two eliminators for bigger pulls.  Sometimes we do the lighter paced classes and the other eliminator does the heavier unpaced classes.  Sometimes we do the heavier faster classes and the other eliminator does the lighter slower classes.  Here are some of the other eliminators we have worked with in the last couple years:

         Symco's                     Symco's                    Rosholt's                   Rosholt's

        Luedtke's                   Luedtke's                    Baum's                     Baum's