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Latest News


June 4, 2017.  Click here for the complete CWATP Pulling Schedule.


March 30, 2016.  Tractor Tracks has been selected to be one of the eliminators at the CWATP State Championship Tractor Pull.  This year it will be in Rosholt at the Thresheree Grounds. Saturday, October 7, 2017. Watch here for the Rules and Classes. Tractor Tracks will be providing an additional $600.00 in prize money for Pullers.


September 21, 2016.  The Eden Tractor and Truck Pull scheduled for Sunday, September 25th has been CANCELLED due to rain.


Aug. 21, 2016.  Waupun SuperPull for Sept. 3rd is cancelled.  *** C A N C E L L E D ***  Sheriff's Sale of Land where the track is situated has caused an immediate cancellation of this year's pull in Waupun.  Hope to secure a new site by next year.


Aug. 30, 2016.  Brown County Fair in DePere on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016.  Two eliminators again.  New classes and speed limits. Click on


Aug. 30, 2016.  Waushara County Fair in Wautoma on Friday, Aug. 19, 2016.  Two eliminators again.  Will be adding a 6500# Hot Street class.


Aug. 30, 2016.  Waushara County Fair in Wautoma on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016.  Rules same as last year.  Might add a 6000# Antique Class paced at 4.0 mph with no dyno if requested at driver's meeting.


Aug. 30, 2016.  Waupaca County Fair  in Weyauwega on Wednesday, August 24, 2016:  Fair Board approved adding a local gas truck class.  Added 6500# Local Stock Gas and Local Improved Gas (local defined as within about 25 miles of Weyauwega Fairgrounds).  Two eliminators again. New this year: Two hooks per tractor allowed.


May 30, 2016.  Click here to view the Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers (CWATP) May 2016 Newsletter by Perry Urben.  This contains the most recent pulling schedule for Wisconsin.


October 23, 2015.  Friday night at 7:00.  Pickett.  Tractors and Trucks.  Two eliminators.


September 24, 2015.  The Berlin Blacktop Pull for October 3, 2015 is CANCELLED.  Berlin cancelled their whole "Pumpkins on the Petunias" festival.


August 17, 2015.  Lots of results are online.  Go to to view.  So far you can view results for Brussels, Greenleaf, Mackville Saturday, Mackville Sunday, Gillett, West Bloomfield Church Trucks, West Bloomfield Church Tractors, Fond du Lac, Rosholt, Mayville, Seymour, Symco, Scandinavia Trucks, Scandinavia Tractors, Wautoma Tractors, and Wautoma Trucks.


July 23, 2015.  GoDaddy changed my host server and stopped using Frontpage Extensions.  I will be trying several different programs to update this website.  If you can read this, it must have worked.


July 14, 2015. 



HookBook is a multi-user Tractor and Truck Pull Registration System.   The database is stored in the Internet Cloud at Microsoft Azure.  The information can be viewed live by computer users worldwide.  The computer screens are automatically formatted as they are browsed on the Internet by anyone on a smart phone, notepad, or desktop computer. 

For maximum security and accuracy, the HookBook database is updated live at each Pull only by Registration Workers.  Clicking on HookBook above allows you to view, but not change, all public information in the database. The address line and the phone number fields are intentionally not displayed for the security of the Pullers.


What should I do first?  Click on HookBook anyplace on this page and then you will be in HookBook.  When the program starts, click on any of the rectangular buttons.  The first one, Pull Results, will give you the list of our pulls.  For a live example, scroll down to West Bloomfield truck pull on July 10th or tractor pull on July 11th.  You will see two tabs on top, Pull Classes and All Hooks.  Below those tabs, click on the second rectangle for Class A and you will see the results for Class A.  The name of the Class is on top, the Puller's Name is on the left of each "card", the Vehicle is on the right, the Distance is near the bottom and the name of the Pull is on the very bottom of the "card" so you can check that you are in the right pull.  Click your browser's back arrow and then click on the All Hooks tab on top.  You will see all the hooks for the whole pull.  Depending on how wide your screen is, you will see the "cards" from one to five cards wide.

If you don't like looking at self contained "cards", click on the "Pull Results" on the very top of your screen and choose a different rectangular button.  If you click on "Results Table", you will see another list of the pulls.  Scroll down to one of the West Bloomfield pulls (July 10th or 11th) and you will see the results in a Table form -- rows and columns like a spreadsheet. Or click on the Pull Classes on top and get just the results for your favorite class.

Continue pulling down the top menu and choose different buttons to try lots of different views of the database.  The version of HookBook you are using will only allow a viewer to see the data, not make any changes or register any hooks or enter any distances.  Only Trackside Officials are allowed to make any changes.  Email me if you want me to make any corrections.  I am responsible for any errors and I will make every effort to correct mistakes.  My email address is


How does HookBook work? 

Imagine the Registration System Database as a large file cabinet with seven drawers.  Each drawer contains file folders. 

1.  The Puller drawer contains a file folder for each Puller .  The file folder contains Name, Address, and Phone for one Puller.  A Puller can be a Tractor Puller or Truck Puller.

2.  The Vehicle drawer contains a file folder for each Vehicle.  The file folder contains Manufacturer, Model, Year, Vehicle Name, Comments, and Puller for one Vehicle.  A Vehicle can be a Tractor or a Truck.

3.  The Sponsor drawer contains a file folder for each Sponsor.  The file folder contains Name, City, Comments, and Puller for one Sponsor.

4.  The PullSchedule drawer contains a file folder for each Pull.  The file folder contains Pull Name, City, Address, Rules, PullClasses, and PayoutCalc information for one Pull on the Schedule.

5.  The PullClass drawer contains a file folder for each Pull Class.  The file folder contains Weight, Class Name, Pulling Order, Pace, Comments, and Pull Schedule for one Pull Class.

6.  The PayoutCalc drawer contains a file folder for each different Payout Calculation method.  The file folder contains the price per hook, payout percentage, number of paid places, and amount paid per place for one Payout Calculation.

7.  The Hook drawer contains a file folder for each Hook.  This drawer ties things all together.  The file folder contains the Hook Name, Pull, Pull Class, Puller, Vehicle, Distance, and Place for one Hook.  Registration Workers select the Pull Class, Puller, and Vehicle from autocomplete drop-down menus.  The Hook Name is a computer generated combination of the Pull Class and Pull Order within the Pull Class.  The Hook Name is often posted on the side of a Vehicle during the Pull.  The Distance can be entered by the Announcer or Registration Workers during the Pull.  Place is calculated by the computer after completion of the Pull Class and entering of the Distance for each Hook in the Pull Class.

An Internet user can browse through each drawer to look at a file folder.  Each file folder relates to other file folders in other drawers.  Each click gets you additional information in the file folder or lets you look in a related file folder from another drawer.  Example 1:  If you look in the PullSchedule drawer for a file folder of a specific Pull, you will be able to see information about all the Pull Classes at that Pull Classes.  If you then click on one of Pull Classes, you will be able to see the Hooks in that specific Pull Class.  Example 2:  If you look in the Puller's drawer for a file folder of a specific Puller, you will be able to see information about that Puller and also be able to click to see information about that Puller's Vehicle and and that Puller's Sponsor. 


July 6, 2015.  Finished with the rules, classes, and pulling order for Friday night's truck pull at West Bloomfield.  We will add an Open Stock Class right after the Super Stock Class due to local demand. West Bloomfield Church Truck Rules 2015 


June 28, 2015.  Finally got around to updating the rules, classes, and pulling order for the West Bloomfield, Weyauwega, Christ Lutheran Church "Pulling For Kids" tractor pull on Saturday, July 11, 2015.  Click here:  West Bloomfield Church - Pulling for Kids Rules and Pulling Order 2015.  Added some new Pure Stock classes.  Took off some classes with low turnout.  Added some classes for FIRST TIME PULLERS.  Each First Time Puller will receive a trophy or prize.  (So do the gals in the Powder Puff classes.)


May 20, 2014.  Added a new pull near Pound, WI.  Start time 12:30 pm Saturday, Sept. 20, 2015.  Tractors and Trucks.


May 19, 2015.  Click here for the complete 2015 Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Puller's Schedule in the CWATP Newsletter by Perry Urben.


May 19, 2015.  Pulling Schedule for 2015  getting finalized.  Some new pulls.  One cancellation (Oconto).  One conflict from an organization that changed weekends so we won't be there (Ag Heritage Days at Luxemburg).  Check out the Pulling Schedule.


March 14, 2015.  CANCELLED.  Midwinter/Christmas Party in West Bloomfield for Saturday, March 14th is CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances.  Sorry.


September 20, 2014.  SPECIAL NOTICE:  Saturday, September 20, 2014.  Clifford Hansen is celebrating his 90th birthday with a party just for Tractor and Truck Pullers.  Party at his farm at 9085 Arrowhead Road, Fremont, WI.  Start time 1:00 pm.


August 6, 2014.  The September 6, 2014 Pull at Corrigan' CBS in DePere is CANCELLED.  Pull Organizer said he doesn't have enough volunteer help.  This date is immediately available. 


June 14, 2014.  A new milestone.  Successfully completed over 40,000 hooks on our eliminator since it was built in 2005.


May 20, 2014.  Finally got the Rules and Classes for this Saturday's Cedar Valley Pull.  Cedar Valley Campground Pull Rules 2014


May 5, 2014.  Pickett Independence Day Pull Daytime Pull will start at 11:00 am instead of 1:00 pm.  The Evening Pull will still start at 7:00 pm.


May 1, 2014.  Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers.  For details contact:  Willie Riske, 920-257-8252, N7577 Riske, Rd, Manawa, WI  54949.  CWATP Points Classes Rules 2014     Points Class Rules 2014


May 1 2014.  The first pull of the year will be on blacktop on Main Street in downtown Weyauwega.  New this year: Stock truck classes mixed in with tractor classes.  All classes are paced.  First pull: Saturday, May 17th.  Second pull: Sunday, May 18th on a clay track near Brussels, WI.


February 19, 2014.  Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers (CWATP)  Winter Meeting will be on Sunday, March 23, 2014.  Board of Directors' meeting at 11:30 am and Regular Winter Meeting thereafter.  (Call Perry Urben or Lyle Zabel for details)  Trading Post, 111 E. Main St, Weyauwega, WI  54983


January 7, 2014.  Added the 2014 Pulling Schedule.  Pull Organizers:  Please check out your pull and verify the date and time.  Subject to changes.


October 12, 2013.  The Pulling Season is over.  Successfully completed 4639 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2013.    Successfully completed 39 pulls of the 40 pulls scheduled.  One pull (Weyauwega - Waupaca County Fair) was stopped early by the Fair Board due to a downpour that flooded the track.   Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 39,268 competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


September 15, 2013.  Luxemburg pull start time changed to Noon on Saturday, September 21, 2013.


September 12, 2013.  Corrected start time for Saturday's pull at Corrigan's in DePere to 11:00 am.  Found out Berlin pull start time is 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 5th.


September 4, 2013.  Added Rules and Classes for Bloomfield Fire Dept, Eden, and Championship End-of-Season Pulls.  Go to Pulling Schedule, scroll down to the respective dates, and click on the Rules.


August 23, 2013.  Kewaunee (Cedar Valley Campgrounds)  (Trucks Only) pull originally scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013 is  CANCELLED per Bill Pagel.  Bill said sorry for the short notice.


August 16, 2013.  Waushara County Fair Truck Pull Rules and Waupaca County Fair Truck Pull Rules changed to limit Stock Diesel classes to one 2.5 inch turbo.  Larger turbos must move to a Street Altered Diesel class.  Stock Gas classes changed to 6500 pound Small Block and 6500 pound Big Block for Waushara County Fair.    Waushara County Truck Rules 2013      Waupaca County Fair Tractor and Truck Pull Rules 2013


July 6, 2013.  West Bloomfield Tractor Pull.  Successfully completed 212 hooks with two eliminators.  Click here for PULLING FOR KIDS TRACTOR PULL RESULTS.


July 5, 2013.  West Bloomfield Truck Pull.  Successfully completed 151 hooks.  Click here for PULLING FOR KIDS TRUCK PULL RESULTS.


June 23, 2013.  Added the rules, classes, and pulling order for the West Bloomfield Church "Pulling For Kids" Truck and Tractor Pulls on July 5th and 6th.


May 27, 2013.  I have posted the May 2013 Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers Newsletter Edited by Perry Urben.  This is the one with the 2013 Pulling Schedule.    Click here for the 2013 CWATP Pulling Schedule. 


May 27, 2013.  The season is well underway.  We conducted three pulls already, Weyauwega Blacktop, Brussels, and Cedar Valley Campground.


April 20, 2013.  Updating 2012 Pulling Schedule.  Little Falls Blacktop Pull that was originally scheduled for the first pull of the year is CANCELLED.  First pull will now be a blacktop pull on May 18, 2013 in downtown Weyauwega.  This is one of the biggest pulls of the year.


January 26, 2012.  If you are reading this, you must click here:    Party Invitation.


Remember to attend the Christmas Party/End of year/Middle of Winter/Groundhog's Day celebration on January 26th.  Infomation was in your December newsletter.  I will post another invitation on this website shortly.  Check back later.


January 10, 2013.  Starting to finalize this year's schedule.  Click on Pulling Schedule and then contact me with any changes or corrections.  Thanks.


October 21, 2012.  The Pulling Season is over.  Successfully completed 5187 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2012.   This exceeds last year's record number of hooks.  Successfully completed 46 pulls of the 47 pulls scheduled.  One pull (Seymour - Outagamie County Fair) was cancelled due to a downpour that flooded the infield of the track and one pull (Greenleaf End of Year Championship) pull was delayed a week due to rain and mud.   Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 34,629 competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


October 20, 2012.  Successfully completed 183 hooks at the Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers annual end of year Championship. It took a week for the track to dry out and they still had to scrap the mud off with an all wheel drive Cat grader pulled by an eight wheel drive articulating John Deere tractor plus a Cat loader to move the windrows of mud. Started the pull with the heaviest and ended with the lightest. Then the Memorial Classes and the two Money classes with $600 added money for the top eight finishers in each class.


October 20, 2012.  This is the new date for the end of season Championship Pull in Greenleaf.  The October 13th date was rained out.


October 2 2012.  Added the rules and a copy of the advertising poster for the Berlin Blacktop Pull this Friday evening.  Added the rules for the Rosholt Blacktop Pull on Saturday.  Both pulls will have tractors and trucks.


August 24, 2012.  Added rules for next week's Shawano County Fair tractor pull.


August 23, 2012.  Waupaca County Fair in Weyauwega.  Wednesday night we had a tractor pull with two eliminators and a total of 204 hooks.  Top speed was 24.8 mph.  Classes all the way up to Unlimited Eight Wheel Drive Articulated Unpaced Class.  Thursday night was a first time truck pull.  We hooked 73 trucks on a perfect track.


August 19, 2012.  Remember that Tractor Tracks is adding a special $100 placement prize to each of the first ten place finishers for the Super Stock Truck Class at Waupaca County Fair on Thursday night.  This is in addition to 100 percent payout for this class.


August 19, 2012.  Added an 8500 Farm Turbo 6 mph class to Waupaca County Fair Tractor Pull on Wednesday night. 


August 18, 2012.  Added a new pull for this year.  We will be at Corrigan's CBS in DePere on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, as a make up for the earlier Syble Hopp Charity Pull that was rained out.  We will follow the rules and classes from their earlier pull.


August 17, 2012.  Waushara County Fair in Wautoma Truck Pull.  Was this the biggest truck pull in Wisconsin?  We had 129 hooks and about 120 different trucks.  We divided up the 6500 pound class into three parts - a 5500 pound class, a small block 6500 pound class, and a big block 6500 pound class.  According to many pullers, this seemed to work well.  We had more than 25 trucks in the Diesel class.  Top speed was 24.9 mph.


August 8, 2012.  The Bloomfield Fire Department pull for Saturday, September 8, 2012, has been moved to the CLAY track behind the church in West Bloomfield at N6142 State Road 49, Weyauwega, WI.  Thanks to the track change, the Fire Dept. will also pull trucks.


August 8, 2012.  The Montello blacktop pull on Sunday, August 19, 2012, is CANCELLED due to the death of the pull organizer, Howard Zellmer.


August 7, 2012.  The September 15th pull in Wittenberg is CANCELLED.  Contact to schedule your pull on this newly OPEN date.


August 6, 2012.  Added the rules and pulling order for the Nickel Farms - Waupaca Tractor and Truck Pull next Saturday.


August 6, 2012.  Added the rules for the Outagamie County Fair - Oshkosh pull next Wednesday.


July 30, 2012.  Cedar Valley Campgrounds near Kewaunee is adding a TRUCK ONLY pull for the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  This makes up for the steady light rain during the truck portion of the Memorial Day weekend pull earlier this year.  Cedar Valley will also be pulling some mini rods that same day.  Bring your truck.  We will have all types of truck classes.


July 28, 2012.  Union Thresheree National Antique Tractor Pull at Symco.  Total of about 253 hooks with 153 of them on our eliminator.  This is the pull with the most different tractors pulling on one day on one track in Wisconsin with a total of 233 different tractors.  One class (6000# Antique 2) had about 44 tractors.  Next biggest class was 5000# Antique 2.


July 25, 2012.  Added rules for  Brown County Fair and Corrigan's in DePere. 


July 21, 2012.  Rosholt Thresheree.  Pulled classes from Antique Stock 3000# to 14500# Farm Improved.  Also pulled 2WD Modified Tractors and Trucks, Stock and Improved Gas and Diesel Trucks, Steam Engines, and a Ford Model A.  New double wide track.  Best track of the year.


July 11, 2012.  Upcoming events:  Fremont Blacktop Pull is coming on Saturday, July 14th.  After a few years absence due to scheduling conflicts, Tractor Tracks will be back on the street next to the Legion Hall in Fremont.  Next Wednesday evening, July 18th,  is the Fond du Lac County Fair.  They contacted us special to rejuvinate this pull.  It is the first time we will be there.  We have will have two eliminators and you can hook twice.  Lots of classes from light Pure Stock Paced Tractors through Eight Wheel Drive Unlimited Weight Articulating Tractors.  Bank some extra sleep on Tuesday night so you can stay up late on Wednesday.  Then Friday and Saturday we will be at Rosholt for their big Thresheree.  We will be pulling trucks on Friday night, July 20th and tractors on Saturday, July 21st.  See you there.


July 5-6, 2012.  Pulling for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church in West Bloomfield.  Successfully completed 101 trucks on very hot Friday night and 227 tractor hooks on a beautiful Summer day for a two day total of 328 hooks on one sled.  We were expecting less than 25 trucks on Friday night for this first time pull and expectations were quadrupled.  Could this be the largest one night truck pull in the state this year?  Earlier this year I must have miscommunicated with the other eliminator operators and we ended up having only one eliminator for the big Saturday pull.  However, everyone got to pull and we ended up having 227 tractors pull in classes from 3000# Pure Stock Antique through Unlimited Weight Eight Wheel Drive.  Cash prizes, door prizes, hats, shirts, pens, and trophies were given away totaling more than $5000.  We have completed 1929 hooks so far this year and 31,367 hooks since 2005 on the Tractor Tracks eliminator.)


July 4, 2012.  I just heard that Robert (Bob) Hull of Waupun has passed away.  According to Perry Urben, the Waupun SuperPull schedule for Friday and Saturday is still on and will be im memory of Bob Hull.  A few years Bob received the Vernon Loehrke Lifetime Achievement Award at the pull in West Bloomfield.  Bob was involved in all types of tractor and garden tractor pulling for many years.  We miss you Bob.


July 4, 2012.  We are watering the track for the West Bloomfield Truck and Tractor this Friday night and Saturday.  We also purchased and put up a used tent for spectators.


June 30, 2012.  Pickett  Steam and Gas Engine Club.  Successfully completed 87 hooks in two sessions.  The first one started at 2:00 pm and it was for trucks and light paced tractors.  Pickett forgot to inform us of the first session and it was not in the newsletter.  Sorry.  Luckily, we were told of the first session the night before and we were able to set up in time on Saturday.  The other eliminator was also on time. 


June 11, 2012.  Truck Pullers.  I added a Truck Only Pull for West Bloomfield Church on Friday night, July 6, 2012.  This will be a fun pull with lots of classes.  Check out the Rules at West Bloomfield Church Truck Rules 2012.  I also updated the rules and classes for the Tractor Pull the next day.


June 11, 2012.  Mackville.  Truck Pullers.  Saturday, June 16, 2012 will have at least three truck classes in the afternoon.  Street Stock 6500, Street Mod 6500, Street Diesel 8500.  Go to for info.


June 10, 2012.  Oconto.  Completed 80 hooks.  For the first time, we even hooked about ten Tractor Mini-Rods at 1950 pounds.  The extremely hard, dry track caused the mini-rods to lay black marks.  The track had some stones that could cause tire damage to their expensive cut tires, so they only hooked once each.


June 9, 2012.  Symco.  We had a total of about 202 hooks on a hot June day.  We will be back here the last Saturday of July for the National Antique Tractor Pull during the Union Threshermen Club festivities.


June 7, 2012.  PLEASE NOTE.  I was just informed that Howard Zellmer, long time puller and the pull organizer of the Montello Tractor Pull, has passed away.  The showing is Sunday evening and the funeral is at the Lutheran Church in Montello on Monday.  Howard was a v ery good sportsman and will be missed by all.


June 6, 2012.  Mackville Tractor Pull on Saturday, June 16th.  Rodger Baum is adding a 5500# Open Tractor Class which means the Open Classes will be 4000#, 4400#, 7000#, 8500#, and 11,000#.  The Sunday, June 17th Pull will also add another class - 6200# Paced.


May 26, 2012.  Cedar Valley Campgrounds - Kewaunee.  Successfully completed 140 hooks consisting of 110 tractors and 30 trucks.  It started raining just before the end of the tractor and rained throughout all the trucks.  We kept pulling on the clay track.  I used some 1.5 inch deep scratchers to keep the track from getting too slippery for the trucks to start the hook.  Everything worked and everyone that wanted to get their truck dirty got to hook.  We took a ton of the track home with us stuck on the sled.  We have completed 618 hooks so far this year and 30,060 since 2005 on this eliminator.


May 26, 2012.  We reached a new milestone - 30,000 hooks.  The puller won a free Tractor Tracks T-Shirt.


May 25, 2012.  Fremont Blacktop.  Rules for 2012 added today.  Tractor Tracks is doing this pull again this year.  I also added the website for Saturday's Cedar Valley Campground pull near Kewaunee.  You can find rules by clicking on Rules or Schedule above.


May 21, 2012.  Truck Pullers.  I want to schedule a special pizza and refreshments meeting just for truck pullers to help create rules for the truck pulls coming up later this year.  Please contact me.  Remember you can also find us on Facebook.


May 20, 2012.  Brussels.  Successfully completed 123 hooks for  the clay pull of the year.  The threat of rain kept some pullers home, but the weather turned out to be nice all afternoon.  We completed 478 hooks so far this year and 29,920 since 2005 on this eliminator.  PRIZE OFFER:  A free Tractor Tracks T-Shirt or special "Move da cone" hat for the puller who gets the 30,000th hook.


May 7, 2012.  Navarino.  Lois Selle just called and said that the Navarino Pull for June 23rd is CANCELLED.  This is not a Tractor Tracks pull, but I am posting this anyway as a courtesy to Mel & Lois Selle.  The other Navarino Pulls are still on as scheduled.


May 5, 2012.  Little Falls.  The first pull of the year was a success.  The Little Falls Loggers Baseball Team sponsored a blacktop pull.  We had exactly 150 hooks from 3000# Stock Tractors to 10,800# Tractors paced at 16 mph.  It rained on the way to the pull and on the way home, but it was nice during the actual pull.


May 3, 2012.  Click here for 2012 Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pulling Schedule in Perry Urben's May 2012 Newsletter.  His complete newsletter is only for paid members of CWATP.  We are reproducing the first few pages of it at the above link as a convenience for CWATP members.  If you are not yet a CWATP member, the annual dues are only $10.00 and the many  benefits include newsletters, pull rules and classes, puller meetings, puller addresses, and discounted entry fees at some pulls.  Contact Perry Urben at the address on the first page of his newsletter.    


May 1, 2012.  I have been working on a new interactive calendar for all Wisconsin 2012 Pulls.  Test it out here:  Click for 2012 Printable Interactive Calendar


April 29, 2012.  Looking for a fun job this summer? Like to work outside? Want to enhance your resume? Interested in becoming a Summer Intern / Operator Apprentice for the busiest antique tractor & truck pull company in Wisconsin? Go to and click on Pulling Schedule to see the days you would be needed. The right male or female applicant exhibits these attributes: natural smile, good attitude, quick learner, self-motivated, likes people, ambitious, honest, hard worker, handy with tools, reliable.


April 29, 2012.  Got the eliminator out of the shed.  Time to get it ready for the season.  The first pull is this coming Saturday at Little Falls (northern Waupaca County) on blacktop.


March 28, 2012.  This is the date of the Annual Meeting of the Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers at Corrigans CBS near DePere.  General meeting starts at 1:30 pm.


March 18, 2012.  I added a new web page with links to public domain YouTube videos.  Pulling Videos.  If you have any more videos that you would like posted here, please contact me.  Thanks.


January 7, 2012.  Christmas Party Invitation.  We had about 150 people attend from all over the state.  Over $2000 of door prizes were given out.  Tractor Tracks Tractor Pulling Hall of Fame Award was presented to our newest honorary member - Perry Urben.


December 20, 2011.  I have started a Facebook page for Tractor Tracks.  It will be easier for you to make comments by going to our Facebook page.  Click here:  TRACTOR TRACKS ON FACEBOOK.


December 20, 2011.  I am working on the schedule for next year.  Please review the tentative schedule and get back to me with any corrections.  Thanks.


October 8, 2011.  Sadly, the 2011 Pulling Season is over.  Successfully completed 4,747 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2011.   This exceeds last year's record number of hooks.  Successfully completed all 45 pulls of the 45 pulls scheduled.  One pull (Mackville) was delayed a few days due to rain, but was eventually completed successfully.   Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 29,442 competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


July 5, 2011.  Fond du Lac County Fair on July 20, 2011.  Tractor Tracks WILL NOT be there.  It turns out I was called to help conduct the pull as the second eliminator, but the fair board actually sent the contracts to the same two companies as last year.  They don't need three eliminators, so I withdrew from the pull at their request.  The Fair Director promised to contact me earlier next year.


July 1, 2, and 3, 2011.  Pickett Steam and Gas Independence Pull.  Gomer Buehring just called with an update.  Friday night is the Garden Tractor and Stock Truck Pull.  Our eliminator will not be there.  I think the V&H Eliminator from Waupun will conduct the pull.  Saturday night the Farm Tractor Pull will be on our eliminator.  I understand another big eliminator will be there for the Hot Tractors.  Sunday afternoon is the Horse Pull with a Truck (and or Tractor) Pull starting right afterwards (about 2:00 pm).  Any questions, please call Gomer Buehring at 920-379-5057.  Their website has not been updated from last year's information.


June 24, 2011.  Perry Urben just called.  The Newton pull for this weekend is CANCELLED due to wet track.  This was not a Tractor Tracks Pull.


June 24, 2011.  Lyle Zabel just called.  The Winneconne Pull for Sun.  July 17, 2011 is CANCELLED due to lack of help.


June 24, 2011.  We just added a NEW PULL.  A blacktop pull downtown Berlin on Friday, Sept. 30, 2011.  Watch here for classes and rules.


June 22, 2011.  NOTICE:  The rescheduled Mackville pull is AGAIN rescheduled.  The Mackville pulling track parking lot is under water.  Therefore, the Mackville Sunday pull is RESCHEDULED for July 24, 2011 at noon.  Please look at the latest Pulling Schedule.  Thanks.


June 19, 2011. Catch up on the latest news.  I have been busy with my full time job and tractor pulls on weekends.  This weekend, on Friday night, we had a first time pull at a new track outside Greenleaf.  The crowd was very large and we had 112 hooks on our eliminator.  The V&H eliminator had about 70 hooks for a total of about 182 hooks sponsored by the Wrightstown Wrestlers.  On Saturday afternoon, we were at the Mackville Super Nationals and we had 47 hooks on our eliminator.  The other eliminator had about 40 hooks.  We had to be off the track so they could prepare for the Super Nationals in the evening.  On Sunday, we were back in Mackville, but got rained out.  The Sunday pull is rescheduled for July 24th at noon.  We have had over 1200 hooks so far this year.  Our next pull is Saturday at Pound.  They always have a large fireworks show after the pull when it gets dark outside.


May 3, 2011.  Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers.  To see the complete 2011 schedule, click on  2011 Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pulling Schedule in Perry Urben's May 2011 Newsletter. 


April 19, 2011.  The 2011 rules for the first two pulls are now posted.  Go to Pulling Schedule and scroll down to the respective dates.


March 27, 2011.  CWATP.  Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers Annual Meeting at Corrigans.  We went through our schedule for the upcoming season.  Preliminary schedule for Tractor Tracks is on the Pulling Schedule page.


October 9, 2010.  Pickett.  Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers (CWATP) End of Season Championship Pull.  Successfully completed 157 hooks on our eliminator on a perfect, sunshiny day in October.  Last year it snowed during this pull.  This year it was a T-shirt day.  The other eliminator, V&H Pulling of Waupun, had about 100 hooks for a total of about 257 hooks for the day.


October 9, 2010.  Successfully completed  4,451 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2010.  Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 24,706 competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


October 2, 2010.  Rosholt Blacktop Pull - Downtown on Main St.  Successfully completed 203 total hooks including trucks.  Tractor classes ranged from 3750# to 14,500#.  We pulled trucks after dark.


September 25, 2010.  Successfully completed 127 hooks at Ag Heritage Days in Luxemberg.  The track was actually dusty late in the day.


September 24, 2010.  I just spoke to Karl about the Luxemberg track.  He said that despite the rain yesterday, the track is in better than expected shape and it will be in shape tomorrow.  See you there.


September 20, 2010.  A new pull is scheduled for Sunday, September 26, 2010 at Navarino.  We will NOT have our eliminator at the pull.  The Navarino sled will probably be stopping the tractors.  Last week I received the following email: 

My brither-in-law Dustin Zernicke is a tractor puller and pulls an Oliver tractor which he calls "Oliver Twist" it is painted yellow.

In Late July he was diagnosed with Lukemia.  He went into Bellin in Green Bay on a Sunday morning and was transported to Froedert Memorial in Milwaukee on Monday.  he then spent the next 39 days in milwaukee going through chemo treatments, fighting off pnuemonia and rashes.  he was finally well enough to come home on Aug 31st.  He was at home for 2 weeks and had to go back to Bellin this last Monday for maintenance chemo.  On sat if all goes well he can come home until the time of his transplant.  At this time we do not know when that will be, but he has to go to Froedert on Wednesday to go through what the transplant all entails and we hope to find out at that time when the transplant will be.

 Please keep Dustin, Connie and Oliver in your prayers, and again we truly appreciate your help in displaying these flyers for us.

 One more thing if you wish to keep up to date on how Dustin is doing we have a caringbridge website set up for him and we try to stay up to date on how he is doing.  You can go to and then type in dustinzernicke (all one word) and you should be able to pull up his page.


Amy Zernicke

Here is a copy of the rules for a new tractor pull to benefit the Zernicke family:  Navarino Pull 2010 For Dustin Zernicke  The pull is Sunday, September 26, 2010.


September 18, 2010.  Fireworks County in Wittenberg.  Successfully completed 85 hooks from 3750# Antique thru 14,500 Hot Farm plus Stock Trucks thru Open Diesel Trucks.  Top speed for tractors was over 26 mph and for trucks was over 22 mph.  The spectators also enjoyed pig wrestling and world class fireworks.


September 12, 2010.  Eden.  Campbellsport FFA Pull.  Successfully completed 168 hooks from 2800# Stock Tractors to 11,500# Hot Farm and 17000# Farm plus Gas and Diesel Trucks in both Stock and Altered Classes.  Everyone should see some of the tracks when we get to a pull.  This year especially.  The frequent rains have made most clay tracks almost unusable.  However, after removing the water and the slime from the top, we still have a pull and the track gets better with each hook.  It's amazing what track crews do to make a track work.  In Eden they dumped multiple dump truck loads of ground lime directly unto the track by pulling the dump truck with a large crawler and then working the lime into the track.  The day was sunny and the weather was perfect.  Many large classes.  Top speed for tractors was over 20 mph and for trucks was over 22 mph.


September 11, 2010.  Bloomfield Fire Department.  This pull is normally on blacktop, but the County put hot tar and little round stones on the County Road in front of the fire department garage.  The pull was moved to the clay track behind the church.  We woke up to a pouring rain in the morning and it was raining when the first tractors arrived for the pull.  The parking lot was too wet to park.  However, it stopped raining, we scraped the slop off the track, registered the tractors, and had a successful pull.  We hooked 137 tractors and trucks before dark.  This is the first pull where we had to put chains on our dual wheels on our eliminator in order to back up to the start line.  They worked good.  Everyone got a decent length pull and we used the whole 400 foot track.


September 10, 2010.  Pickett.  We hooked 42 tractors and trucks.  The other eliminator had a few less.  The track was in good shape.


September 9, 2010.  The West Bloomfield Fire Department and Wittenberg Fireworks County Rules are online.


September 4, 2010.  Waupun SuperPull.  We hooked a total of 187 tractors with 107 in the afternoon session and 80 in the night session.  We pulled Antique Classes from 4500# Near Stock 3 mph Pace Class to 14,500#Farm No Pace Class plus 7500#, 9500#, and 12,500# Special Classes.  The V&H Bigger Eliminator hooked two light tractor classes plus trucks.  The V&H Garden Tractor Eliminator hooked Stock thru Wild Garden Tractor during both sessions.  They probably hooked about 120 times for a combined total of over 300 hooks for the day.


September 1, 2010.  Shawano County Fair.  We hooked 78 tractors and the Terminator eliminator reported 68 hooks for a Fair total of 144 hooks on a very good clay track.


August 29, 2010.  Juneau.  Hooked 60 tractors on a hot, humid day.


August 28, 2010.  Brussels.  Hooked 123 tractors on a beautiful Door County day.


August 27, 2010.  The Shawano County Fair Rules are on the Pulling Rules webpage.  The pull is Wednesday Sept. 1, 2010.  There will be two eliminators.


August 26, 2010.  Wausaukee.  Marinette County Fair.  Nice weather.  Hooked 84 tractors from 3600# Stock to 15,500 Improved Farm including the two N.E.W. Points Classes.


August 25, 2010.  Weyauwega.  Waupaca County Fair.  We hooked 129 tractors and trucks.  The Track Patrol eliminator hooked about 100 tractors and trucks.  Together we had classes from 3000# Stock Tractors to Unlimited Weight Eight Wheel Drive Articulating Tractors.  Both eliminators ran simultaneously in front of the Grandstand.  This was one of the largest one evening pulls in the state and probably one of the largest County Fair pulls.


August 22, 2010.  Montello.  Finally, nice weather for this blacktop pull.  We had 116 hooks.


August 21, 2010.  Brown County Fair.  It rained three inches during the night before the pull on top of the previous days' rain.  The track crew pumped off the water, graded the slop off, and we had a successfull pull.  We had 73 hooks.  The other eliminator had about 50 hooks.  Our final hook was a 35,000# four wheel drive with dual wheels.  We successfully stopped the tractor in about 217 feet.


August 20, 2010.  Waushara County Fair - Wautoma.  Truck Pull.  Successfully hooked 88 trucks.  As discussed during the Driver's Meeting, after the Stock Gass Class pulled, we divided the class into two divisions.  The slow division had 20 trucks with speeds up to 15.5 mph.  The fast division had 20 trucks with speeds from about 15.6 mph to over 20 mph.  We also divided the Stock Diesel Class into two divisions.  The slow division had 17 trucks with speeds up to 19.5 mph.  The fast division had 17 trucks with speeds from 19.6 mph to over 23 mph.  These class splits helped to give the true stock trucks a chance to win even with some hopped up trucks in the same class.  The payout was 80 percent of the entry fees.  It rained in the afternoon and while trucks were registering.  W scraped off the smeary clay and had a good track for trucks.


August 19, 2010.  Waushara County Fair - Wautoma.  Successfully completed 123 hooks of tractors from 4500 Paced to 12000 Farm Open Classes.


August 14, 2010.  Nickel Farms - Waupaca.  It rained for two days before the pull.  The track had standing water on the morning of the pull.  However, the track crew used a Cat Dozer and other heavy equipment and had the track ready to pull by 11:00 am.  Successfully completed 178 hooks on our eliminator from 3700# Pure Stock to 14,000# Farm 8 mph Classes plus 9500# and 11,500 Unlimited Speed Classes.  We also hooked some Team Classes and Truck Classes.  The Johnson eliminator hooked about 80 tractors for a total of about 258 hooks for the day.


August 8, 2010.  Scandinavia Corn Roast.  Completed 105 hooks on our eliminator and 65 hooks on the John sled.  We hooked classes from 3000# Classic Paced to 14,500 Improved Farm Unpaced Classes.  It rained almost four inches during the night before and the early morning of the pull, but the track crew had the track ready by noon.  The free sweet corn tasted good too.


August 14, 2010.  Successfully completed 2531 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2010.  Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 22,686competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


August 7, 2010.  Oshkosh.  Winnebago County Fair.  Antique Tractor Pull.  Completed 54 hooks from 3500# Antique to 7500# Antique Classes.


August 6, 2010.  Sturgeon Bay.  Door County Fair.  A first time pull for us.  Completed 75 hooks from 3500# Antique to 15,500# Farm Classes, both Paced and Unpaced, plus some Hot Farm Classes.


August 6, 2010.  Fireworks Country.  A new pull (for us) will be held in Wittenberg on Saturday, September 18th on a clay track.  Check the Pulling Schedule.


August 6, 2010.  West Bloomfield Fire Department.  Due to the county seal coating the road and applying some pea gravel, the county doesn't want a pull on blacktop this year.  The pull have been moved to the CLAY track behind Christ Lutheran Church, just 1/2 mile south on Hwy 49.  Put on your CLAY track tires.


August 5, 2010.  Only one more day until the Door County Fair Pull.  This will be our first time in Sturgeon Bay with our eliminator.


August 4, 2010.  Oshkosh.  Winnebago County Fair.  Successfully 70 hooks on our eliminator.  The other eliminator had about 50.  The track was dry, finally.  We pulled all paced classes, from 6500# to 12,500#. 


August 2, 2010.  Bad news.  I just received a call from Pete Guyette of Shiocton.  His son, Dennis, was killed in an accident involving an exploding automobile gas tank.  Dennis Guyette of Clintonville drove a John Deere G in stock classes.  I last saw him pull at the Symco National Antique Tractor Pull about a week ago.  I always enjoyed talking to him about tractor pulling.  I can still picture him sitting right next to the track in Symco.  Dennis, age 40, will be missed by all who knew him.  Survivors include a wife and three children.  You can find his obituary by searching the Appleton Post-Crescent website.  Dennis' funeral is Friday. 

(Click to expand picture)

Dennis Guyette


July 21, 2010.  DePere.  Corrigan's.  It rained all the way to the pull in the morning, but we had a successfull pull in the afternoon and early evening.  We had 158 hooks including ten team hooks. 


July 27, 2010.  Seymour.  Outagamie County Fair.  We hooked 95 tractors with our eliminator.  The other eliminator hooked about 60 hooks for a total of about 155 hooks.


July 25, 2010.  Only two days until a new pull for us.  Seymour - Outagamie County Fair.  Tuesday night.


July 24, 2010.  Symco.  Union Thresheree National National Antique Tractor Pull.  Over 200 different tractors pulled.  For many of the tractors, this is the only pull of the year.  Many out of state pullers.  We hooked 134 tractors.  The Symco eliminator hooked about 100 tractors for a total of about 234 hooks.  The track was in good shape.  Due to flooded parking areas, the trucks and trailers were parked along the roads for more than a mile from the thresheree grounds.


July 23, 2010.  Tomorrow is the big Symco Thresheree National Antique Tractor Pull.  This always has more different tractors than any other pull.  They uncovered the track today to dry it out and it is in good condition right now.  They said they were covering it back up tonight and will uncover it again in the morning when (and if) they overnight rains stop.  I will have my cell phone with me.  I won't have much time to talk, but my number is 920-540-9963.


July 18, 2010.  Winneconne.  Cancelled by pull organizers due to rain and flooded track.  Also the parking areas were saturated.


July 17, 2010.  Rosholt Thresheree Tractor Pull.  Two eliminators, great track.  The black Johnson eliminator pulled Stock and Antique Classes from 3000# to 6000# with about 82 hooks.  On our eliminator we pulled Classic, Antique, Unpaced, Farm, and Hot Farm Classes from 3000# to 14,500# with 143 hooks.  Total hook count for the day was about 225.


July 16, 2010.  Rosholt Truck Pull.  Great high speed pull.  We had 55 hooks of N.E.W. trucks and tractors for Points.  We pulled downhill and the top speed was 24.9 mph.


July 15, 2010.  Notice to all tractor pullers:  Mike Becker from Winneconne just called and said the Sunday, July 18, 2010 Sovereign State Days Pull in Winneconne was CANCELLED or postponed due to a flooded track and saturated parking area.  We will let you know if it will be rescheduled.


July 10, 2010.  West Bloomfield "Pulling for Kids".  Successfully completed all hooks (total of 236 hooks).  We pulled stock tractors on the black Johnson eliminator (91 hooks).  We pulled antique, farm, and unpaced tractor classes on our eliminator.  We also pulled truck classes and team classes (145 hooks).  We almost didn't have the pull.  It rained over five inches of rain two days before the pull.  We got the track in shape on time for the Saturday pull, but the parking lot was still squishy and we couldn't get the trailers parked in the most efficient space.  Then it started to rain in midafternoon.  We kept pulling despite the light rain and everything cleared up before we finished.  However, the parking field was a challenge to load up and drive out.  We pulled lots of vehicles out of the field and onto the road.  The road looked like a clay track the next morning.  Everyone got a fair pull on the track.  A record number of door prizes and awards and cash were handed out.  We all had fun.  Thanks to all that helped and all that pulled.


July 3, 2010.  Only seven days until the West Bloomfield "Pulling for Kids" Pull.  Historically, this is one of the largest one day pulls in Wisconsin.  We invite all pullers to attend.  Hook as many times as you want.  Still only $15 per hook.  Over 50 classes of Tractors and Trucks.  Door prizes specifically for pullers.  Cash and prizes for winners. 


July 3, 2010.  Pickett.  Independence Pull.  Completed 41 hooks on a perfect day.  We hooked the classes from 6500# Paced Farm Tractors to 20,000# Unpaced FWD.  The second eliminator hooked a few tractor classes and the truck classes.


June 28, 2010.  Attention:  The Pickett Friday, July 2nd pull is immediately cancelled.  I just found out the pull organizer made some changes and scheduled garden tractors for the Friday pull.  They also changed the Saturday, July 3rd pull start time to 4:00.  We will be there.  We will be pulling tractors and trucks on Saturday for the July 3rd Independence Day Pull.


June 28, 2010.  We have been adding some County Fair pulls.  Check the Pulling Schedule.  For example, the last one added is Shawano County Fair in Seymour on Sept. 1st.


June 26, 2010.  Pound.  Successfully completed 82 hooks from 3600# Stock Farm Tractors to 15000# Farm Tractors including Paced Classes plus N.E.W. 7000# and 10500# Points Classes and Team Classes.  Then we successfully completed 61 hooks of trucks from Stock to Diesel to Super Stock and Modified.  Also hooked a 2300 horsepower Modified Semi Truck for exhibition three times during the day.  Lastly, we got to watch the best fireworks in the Northwoods after the pulling was done.


June 20, 2010.  Mackville.  A total of 48 hooks of Unpaced Tractors on Saturday and 113 hooks of Paced Tractors and Stock Trucks on Sunday for a two day total of 161 hooks for the weekend.  We also stayed and watched the Mackville Super Nationals Show on Saturday night under the lights.  Good weather both days.


June 12, 2010.  Symco.  Despite the weathers forecaster predictions, it didn't rain.  It did rain for two days before today, but the Symco Pullers had the track covered with plastic and the track crew had the track in shape before the pull started.  We pulled from heaviest to lighest so the very tacky track could cure before the lighest 3200# Pure Stock tractors pulled.  We ended the day with Team Pulls.  Hook count was 141.  We will see this location again the last Saturday of July for the World Famous Symco National Tractor Pull.


June 11, 2010.  PROBLEM:  I use Microsoft Frontpage to maintain this website.  It is hosted by  Microsoft no longer supports Frontpage, so without warning or notice, GoDaddy quit supporting the Frontpage Extensions necessary to run this website.  To make a long story short, they deleted all my all pictures and all navigation between pages and pictures.  Six years of pictures and development time down the drain.  It's enough to make my hair turn white.

SOLUTION:  I am in the process of fixing things. I have the links and pictures on the Home Page fixed, but the links between other pages and the rest of the pictures will take more time.  I had backups, but since GoDaddy no longer supports the original navigation between the elements of the Frontpage software, it is not just a matter of restoring my data.  I am also changing the format slightly so I can eventually migrate to a different website development program.  Please be patient.  Thanks, Steve Loehrke


June 5, 2010.  Ogdensburg.  Blacktop.  Another record pull - 15 hooks more than last year.  Successfully completed 233 hooks starting with a nice sunny day, then sprinkles, then rain.  Everyone got a chance to hook.  That's almost 30 hooks per hour all day from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.  The youngest puller, Greg Schmidt, got his first win in the first class of the day by pulling the eliminator all the way across the next street.


May 29, 2010.   Cedar Valley Campground - Kewaunee.  Our new teeth to stop the hottest tractors worked great.  Just like the pullers requested, we hooked the 10,500 pound unlimited speed hot farm tractors with a short chain and all sled weight on wheels for easy starting with maximum ground speed and then progressively added resistance until the tractors stopped without a sudden jerk.  The distance from first to last place in the class was about 60 feet, not the tiny one foot separation with some hard starting and jerk-to-a-stop eliminators.


May 24, 2010.  Perry Urben's Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers Newsletter for May 2010 is available here:  Complete CWATP Pulling Schedule.  Remember to join the club (still only $10).  It supports the largest pulling organization in the state.


May 22, 2010.  Alaska.  Yes, there is a city in Wisconsin called Alaska.  Go north from Kewaunee along Lake Michigan.  Alaska - another successfull pull.  It rained the day and night before the pull, but the track crew from the ABC - Alaska Brussels Connection Tractor Pulling Club got the pull started on time.  Less than seven hours later, 170 tractors had hooked onto our eliminator.  This is an increase of 30 from last year. 


May 15, 2010.  A new record!  Weyauwega Blacktop Charity Pull  We had 256 hooks on one eliminator in one day with classes from 3200 Pure Stock Antique to 12,000 Farm including 10, 12, and 14,000 Team Pulls.  Because the pull in conducted on Main Street with spectators lining the sidewalks, the fastest Pace was 7 mph.  Pure Stock classes were 3.5 mph and Antique classes were 4.0 mph.  The pull was finished just before the 9:00 pm fire whistle.  The scale quit working later in the day and the pullers weighed using the Honor System.  Even though someone joked that they didn't bring enough weights for a No Scale pull, most pullers were completely honest.


May 8, 2010.  The 2010 pulling season is underway.  Little Falls Loggers Blacktop Pull.  Despite the weather forecaster's predictions for snow and cold, it only snowed during the night before the pull.  It was dry, cool, and sunny for this first time pull.  The tractors hooked a total of 120 times on the blacktop road along the Little Wolf River.


April 21, 2010.  The first pull of the year will be a blacktop pull in Little Falls.  Click on Pulling Schedule and scroll down to May 8, 2010 to get the address of the pulling track.


April 21, 2010.  We are starting to gather addresses of each track so you can drive by GPS.  Keep checking our Pulling Schedule. 


April 21, 2010  Email me if you want your mailing address added to our mailing list.  Some pull organizers send out cards with rules, etc. to the pullers on our mailing list.  If I could get everyone's email address, the clubs could forward rules and other information directly to you to save mailing expense.


December 1, 2009.  We are working on the schedule for 2010.  We start out with the fixed dates, such as County Fair dates.  Secondly, we give priority to the successful pulls from last year.  Then we fill in the open dates with Pulls from our waiting list.  It's always a struggle to satisfy everyone because there are not enough Saturdays in the Summer.


December 1, 2009.  Based on the best information available about next year's insurance premiums, we have updated our pulling rates for 2010.  If the price of fuel remains constant, these should be the correct rates.  All rates stayed the same as 2009 except for our base rate which includes setup, first six hours of pulling, and packing up which will rise only $50.


October 10, 2009.  Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers (CWATP) Championship Pull in Pickett.  Qualifying Round:  Successfully completed 81 hooks.  The V&H eliminator had an additional 55 hooks for a total of 136 hooks in the Qualifying Round.  It snowed during the pull.  Championship Round: Successfully completed 51 hooks.  The V&H eliminator had an additional 34 hooks for a total of 85 hooks in the Championship Round.  The day ended with a total of 221 hooks.  The pulling season is done.


October 10, 2009.  Successfully completed 4,391 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2009.  This exceeds last year's record number of hooks.  Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 20,265 competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


October 4, 2009.  Perry Urben told me today that the end of year Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pullers (CWATP) Championship Pull at Pickett will only be a one day pull.  It starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday, October 10th.  The rules and weight classes are the same as last year.


October 10, 2009.  Successfully completed 4,259 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2009.  Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 20,133 competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


October 3, 2009.  We officially completed over 20,000 paid hooks on our eliminator in the last five years.  Chuck Tesch was the 20,000th hook in Rosholt.  I will give a free Tractor Tracks T-Shirt to the first person who emails me with the name of the person who made the 20,001st hook.


October 3, 2009.  Rippin' Through Rosholt Blacktop Pull.  It rained on the way to Rosholt and we had light rain throuout the last half of the pull, but it was still a successful pull.  Classes on are eliminator ranged from 3500# Classic to 14,500# Unpaced Farm Improved including some Team classes and Truck classes (yes - truck pulling on blacktop).  The unpaced tractors and trucks got us going about 20 mph on the rain slick blacktop on Main Street.


September 26, 2009.  Luxemburg.  It was raining when we arrived at the fairgrounds, but we successfully completed 116 hooks in the afternoon on a tacky track that ate a lot of horsepower.  The grounds crew did a great job getting the track ready for a pull.  Everyone had to watch where they walked, because if they walked where the track didn't have the wet clay scrapped off, it stuck to shoes to the point where you could hardly get your legs far enough apart to walk.


September 19, 2009.  West Bloomfield.  Blacktop pull on the County Road in front of the fire station.  Completed 156 hooks from 3200# Pure Stock to 10,800# Farm Class plus three Team Pulls on a beautiful Fall day.


September 13, 2009.  Northwoods Supper Club track in Eden.  Perfect weather for a pull.  We hooked 92 tractors from 2800# Antique Paced to 11,500# Special Classes plus 26 trucks.  One of the diesel trucks got our eliminator going 26.8 mph - a record for this year.


September 12, 2009.  Ripon.  A first time pull on blacktop on the street where they are going to build a new hospital.  Due to the number of tractors that showed up, we hooked every tractor twice in every class and took the best measurement for the official distance.  It made for a nice pull with perfect pulling weather.


September 11, 2009.  Pickett Steam Engine Show and Pull.  Successfully completed 53 hooks on our eliminator.  The other eliminator had a few less.  We hooked all the Paced Classes from 6500# to 12500# plus the 7500# Open and 7500# Special Classes.  The track was in the best condition it has been due the many days of dry weather and a sprinkling of added water by the track crew.


September 5, 2009.  Waupun Super Pull.  Beautiful weather and excellant track.  During the afternoon, we successfully completed 76 hooks on our eliminator.  The V & H eliminator had about 40 tractors and then switched to garden tractors.  We hooked 4500# Antiques to 7500# Near Stock Classes.  At night we successfully completed 77 hooks from 7000# 5 MPH to 14,500# Classes including 7500#, 9500#, 12000# Special Classes and Hot Farm Classes.  The V & H eliminator hooked garden tractors in classes from Stock to  Multi-Engine.


August 30, 2009.  Juneau August Fest.  A perfect day for a pull.  The crowd all stayed until the end (it was a short pull).


August 30, 2009.  I found out a couple pullers left a pull today because the pullers didn't meet their rules.  I tried to get a copy of their rules before the pull to post on this website, but I was unable to get a copy.  I am sorry.  I will harder to get all the rules published before the pulls we attend.  Steve.


August 29, 2009.  Borth - HSS Motorsports (Hyler Septic Service).  Fun in the mud.  It rained the night before and the track was under water in sections when we got to the pull.  Some early arriving pullers turned around and went home.  However, we successfully completed 84 hooks wth 44 tractors from 3600# Stock to 12,500# Special and 40 trucks including 5500# Stock, 6500# Stock,o 8000# Diesel, and 6200# Street Altered Classes.  It started sprinkling near the end of the tractors and a light rain fell for the last two hours, yet all tractor and truck classes were completed with a fair hook for all.  We had to load up in the rain. 


August 27, 2009.  Successfully completed 89 hooks - a record number of tractors for this pull.  This is the first year in a long time that rain didn't affect the pull attendance.  The pull included two Points classes.


August 22, 2009.  Successfully completed 102 hooks at the Brown County Fair in DePere.  The other eliminator completed about 50 hooks for a total of about 152 hooks in four hours.


August 19, 2009.  I just added a new feature to this website.  We now have a FORUM.  You can ask questions, make suggestions, post pictures, and discuss things related to pulling.  Try it out by clicking on: TractorTracksForum.


August 17, 2009.  I received a few emails lately questioning whether or not the Juneau Blacktop pull was still scheduled.  It is.  I just confirmed it today.  Put your blacktop tires on your favorite tractor and drive to Juneau on Sunday, August 30th.


August 16, 2009.  Montello.  The City put a new coat of blacktop on the road next to the Park since last year.  It rained all the way to the pull and on the way home from the pull, but during the pull our little spot under the sky was dry.  someone was looking out for us and the pullers.  We had 99 hooks to finish the four day pull weekend with over 500 hooks - a new record.


August 15, 2009.  Nickel Farms.  The newly built track was one of the best ones we ever pulled on.  A total of 227 hooks from 3000# Antique tractors to 40,000# Eight Wheel Drive tractors.  About a dozen trucks pulled after the Team Tractor pulls were completed.  We finished before dark.  This was a very well run first time pull on a new track.  Thanks to Nickel Farms and Burg Pullers.


August 14, 2009.  Waushara County Fair Truck Pull.  Successfully completed 106 hooks.  The first class, Stock Trucks, had 51 trucks for our largest single class ever with our eliminator.  The track was in good condition.


August 13, 2009.  Waushara County Fair in Wautoma.  Successfully completed 85 hooks on the newly installed clay track in front of the grandstand.  Tomorrow we pull trucks on the same track.


August 12, 2009.  I just obtained the rules for the Brown County Fair pull in DePere and the Nickel Farms pull in Waupaca.  Click on Pulling Rules on the left.  Find the location of the pull and get the rules.


August 10, 2009.  Brussels.  Successfully completed 134 hooks.  Due to the rains the last couple days and nights, we started with the team classes and then went from lightest to heaviest in the single tractor classes.  The AB Connection pullers even had a light crawler class.  The tracks was in good condition. 


August 9, 2009.  Winnebago County Fair Antique Tractor Pull is cancelled by the Fair Board due to rain.  Tomorrow's pull at Brussels is still scheduled.  See you there.


August 5, 2009.  Winnebago County Fair.  This is our only Wednesday night pull this year.  Successfully completed 67 hooks on our eliminator plus about 58 hooks on the Luedtke eliminator for a total of about 125 hooks.


August 2, 2009.  Scandinavia Corn Roast.  Hundreds of people enjoyed watching a tractor pull on a perfect day while eating free sweet corn and listening to live music.


August 1, 2009.  Corrigan Farms pull at Kolbs Corner near DePere.  Completed 157 hooks from 3700# Antique to 13,500 Hot Farm Classes.  The expected rains never arrived and Corrigan's had a good track.


July 25, 2009.  Between our two sleds, we hooked 227 different tractors, steam engines, and oil pull tractors at the World Famous National Antique Tractor Pull in Symco.  It almost rained a few times, but we never stopped pulling and the track was in good shape.  On Friday night we hooked five steam engines for a "spark show".  The Symco sled broke down, so we finished the day with our eliminator utilizing the whole track.


July 23, 2009.  Saturday is the World Famous National Antique Tractor Pull in Symco.  Last year we pulled more different tractors at Symco than at any pull in the state.


July 21, 2009.  Winneconne.  We hooked 156 tractors from 3750# Antique up to 17,000# Unpaced Two Wheel Drive Farm Tractors and 26,000# Unpaced Four Wheel Drive Tractors.


July 20, 2009.  Rosholt Thresheree.  The rains went around us and left a perfect track in Rosholt on an unseasonally cool mid-July day.  The last few years it was hot in the tent and this year it was "hot" on the track.  The day included special classes for N.E.W. Motorsports.


July 19, 2009.  Truck night under the lights.  We hooked 74 trucks from Stock to Open to Diesel to Super Stock to Modified Trucks.  N.E.W. Motorsports provided the tough trucks.


July 11, 2009.  The West Bloomfield Church "Pulling for Kids" tractor/truck had a total of 249 hooks with two eliminators.  The weather was perfect.  Thanks to everyone that helped make the pull a success.  Special thanks to the Johnson Bros. from Rosholt for bringing their eliminator, scraper, wobble wheel, and manpower.


July 7, 2009.  The next pull is at the church in West Bloomfield.  Last year this was our biggest one day pull.  This year we will have a second eliminator running simultaneously so it won't take so long for the heavier tractors to start pulling.  Start time is 10:00 am.  There are more than 40 tractor classes and you can hook as many times as you want.  This is a Pull for Pullers!  Click here for the rules:  West Bloomfield Church Rules 2009


July 11, 2009.  Successfully completed 1502 paid hooks on our eliminator during competition in 2009.  Since 2005, our eliminator has had a total of 17,345 competition hooks.  For a detailed record and comparison to previous years, click on History of Pulls.


July 4, 2009.  Our eliminator repairs worked perfectly at Pickett Steam and Gas Club.  We hooked 7500 Special, 8500 Special, 9500 Special, 12500 Special, and 6200 Street Altered Trucks.  The other eliminator broke down on the way to the pull and arrived two hours late, but still completed the PI Tractor and Truck classes.


July 3, 2009.  Ripon Lions just added a tractor pull on Blacktop for downtown Ripon on September 12 at noon.


June 30, 2009.  I was just notified that the Pickett farm tractor pull on Sunday July 5, 2009 is CANCELLED due to a scheduling problem within the Pickett Gas and Steam Club.  Please notify your pulling friends.


June 30, 2009.    For the first time, we couldn't complete a pull.  We only had three Modified trucks waiting to pull at Pound.  Due to a sudden mid-hook stop/start jerk from a Modified Truck during a high speed hook, we broke an axle shaft in a rear end that drives the weight box.  The break down lead to other mechanical failures and we ended up needing a whole new transmission, bearings, seals, axle shaft, and much welding, etc.  July 3, 2009.  We worked on the eliminator all week and now have it ready to go with stronger parts for the next pull.


June 25, 2009.  We added a page to this website called "Pulling Rules".  I am trying to gather all of the rules for our pulls (and others) and put the links on one page in alphabetical order.  Click here to try it out:  Pulling Rules.  Today we added the rules for Rosholt and West Bloomfield.


June 25, 2009.  Half way to another Christmas. 


June 20 and 21, 2009.  Mackville Nationals Website .  We hooked Unpaced Tractors during the day on Saturday and the excellent crew at Mackville got the track ready for the nighttime show.  (Prior to the Saturday night show, we taught the "pan dropping" eliminator how to use their eliminator with our Speed Board so the many people at Mackville could see the accurate speed as the Hot Tractors and Trucks pulled down the track.  With all the favorable comments by the 4000+ crowd of spectators, the pullers, and the two announcers, maybe someday the expensive eliminators will invest some of their money on the latest equipment.)  On Sunday, we completed the Paced Tractors and Street Stock and Street Modified Trucks.    Simultaneously, the other eliminator pulled garden tractors and the lightest tractor classes using a pace tractor.  It's always fun to watch the young boys and girls drive a garden tractor in their first competitive hook.


June 13, 2009.  Finally the sun shone.  It was raining when I left for the pull, but the sun was shining all day in Symco.  The World Famous Union Thresheree track had 146 hooks.  We will be back on this track during the Union Thresheree the last weekend of July.  Bands, music, parade, adult pedal pull, threshing, sawmill operations, steam engines, and much more.  Reserve the weekend to go to enjoy old tractors, old machinery, and friends in Symco.


June 6, 2009.  Can you pull in the rain?  Yes, if the pull is on blacktop.  The Burg Pullers conducted a pull in Odgensburg today and it rained lightly all afternoon.  The consistent light rain made all pullers equal (no alternating wet and dry conditions - it was always wet).  We still had 218 hooks and finished all classes within seven and a half hours.   The Burg Pullers were prepared with a canopy for the announcer, scorekeeper, and registration helpers.  Good food was available inside the fire station.


May 30, 2009.  My oldest son got married today.  I needed someone to be responsible enough to run the eliminator all day and bring it back home after the pull.  Thanks to Larry Bauer, lead operator, Perry Urben, back-up operator,  and Marvin Selle, operator assistant, the AB Connection pulling group had a successful pull in Alaska, WI.  It is always a pleasure to conduct a pull for the AB Connection group - good organization and good pullers.  Thanks to everyone that helped me enjoy the day with my non-pulling family and friends at the wedding and reception.


May 26, 2009.  Someone asked me - "How often does weather prevent a pull?"  The weather score stands at 126 and 2 with a total of 126 successful pulls and only 2 rain-outs.  


May 23, 2009.  Cedar Valley Campgrounds completed their pull.  A total of 99 hooks from 3500# Antique to 26,000# Four Wheel Drive Tractors.  The large crowd stayed throughout a few light sprinkles to watch the 11,000# Pro Farm Super Stocks Tractors and a few trucks finish the afternoon fun.


May 16, 2009.  The first blacktop pull of the season was completed on a cold, windy day.  We had a total of  220 hooks from 3200# Pure Stock Antique to 10800 Turbo Farm Classes including 10000, 12000, and 14000 Team Pulls.  This was a big increase from the 124 hooks last year.  The sound system on Main Street worked well.


May 9, 2009.  The 2009 pulling season is finally underway.  The first actual pull was the Denmark pull and it was successful.   Statewide it rained the night before the pull, but the Denmark pullers covered the track with plastic and the rains stopped late Saturday morning.  After a slight delay in start time to allow for additional track preparation, the Denmark pull went nonstop to the end.  This was despite a light rain late in the afternoon that made the pure clay track greasy and slick.  We had 143 hooks from 4000# Antique to 11,000# Hot Farm tractors plus a few diesel trucks for exhibition at the end of the day.


May 1, 2009.  Perry Urben has included the 2009 Central Wisconsin Antique Tractor Pulling Schedule in his May 2009 Newsletter.  His complete newsletter is only for paid members of CWATP.  We are reproducing part of it here as a convenience for CWATP members.  If you are not yet a CWATP member, the annual dues are only $10.00 and the many  benefits include newsletters, pull rules and classes, puller meetings, puller addresses, and discounted entry fees at some pulls.  Contact Perry Urben at the address on the first page of his newsletter.

April 30, 2009.  Check out the new web page In Memory of Jeff Zabel.    If you have any pictures of Jeff that you would like to share, please contact us.  Jeff was a Founding Member of Tractor Tracks. 


April 30, 2009.  Our Tractor Tracks 2009 Pulling Schedule is almost full.  Click on Pulling Schedule to jump directly to the schedule for our eliminator and for links to the latest official 2009 pull rules.


April 25, 2009.  The first scheduled pull was a tune/test pull at HSSMotorsports in Borth.  After a few continuous days of rain and more steady rain on Saturday morning, the pull was cancelled without us driving to the pull site. 


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