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Pulling Agreement

Prices for 2015 will be available as soon as we get our new insurance premiums.  (We estimate an increase of about $50 per pull per sled from 2014.  If fuel prices increase above $2.500 per gallon for diesel fuel, then there may be a slight increase in the fuel surcharge.) 

For 2015, the minimum charge for a tractor pull was not raised.  We have held our prices down despite rising costs.  In 2009 our insurance company quadrupled our premiums even though we have never had a claim.  We ate the increase in premiums.  The last few year we were at more pulls and had more hooks than anyone in Wisconsin.  Our goal is to break even after upgrading and modifying our equipment, making our equipment loan payments, and after paying our insurance premiums, fuel, maintenance costs, and advertising.  Last year we purchased a newer semi to increase reliability.  No one is getting rich off this business.  We do this for fun, not profit.

The Terms and Conditions page of our Pulling Agreement helps to clarify expectations.  Please read it and call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our main goal is to provide the best tractor pulling equipment and services for you to conduct a pull.  We spent the last four years modifying and improving our eliminator to keep it the best antique tractor pulling eliminator in Wisconsin.  We never stop making improvements.  The first Score Board with Speed and Distance in Wisconsin is only one of the latest improvements which were done to help pullers and spectators. 

Thank you for doing business with Tractor Tracks.


Click on the link below to obtain a copy of our Pulling Agreement in Adobe Acrobat Format.  It is opened with the free Adobe Reader program.

         Pulling Agreement in Adobe PDF Format


If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader and you want to see our Pulling Agreement right now, then click on the link below to go

to a window with our Pulling Agreement.  Note:  This will not print as well as the version in Adobe PDF format above.

       Click here to go to a window with our Pulling Agreement



If you  have any  trouble getting any information, email us or call us for a copy by US Mail or fax.  Thank you.