Tractor Tracks, LLC

Professional Tractor and Truck Pulling Management


2014 Pulling Agreement


Tractor Tracks, LLC agrees to provide pulling equipment and services


for _________________________________________________

name of Organization


at __________________________________________________

location of pull


on _________________for the price of ___________________.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† date of pull††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† price



Eliminator. ††Tractor Tracks, LLC to provide self-propelled weight transfer sled with sled mounted red and green stop and go lights for safety and computer controlled horns and sled mounted flashing red lighs for exceeding your speed limit.Includes Operator.


Agri-Tronix. Tractor Tracks, LLC to provide state-of-the-art, computerized measuring system with instantaneous digital readout for announcer that accurately measures distance and highest speed.Includes wireless digital LED scoreboard displaying the actual speed and distance throughout the pull.Red and Green safety lights.


Scale.Tractor Tracks, LLC to provide heavy duty, single platform plus ramps, portable scale with large digital readout, accurate from 100# to 20,000# in 1# increments.


Scraper Blade. Optional.Tractor Tracks, LLC may provide mounted water tank and spray system.Requires your tractor with a 3 point hitch including toplink and working PTO, your operator, and your water.(Depends on track and advanced agreement)


Track.Organization to provide a safe pulling track at least 300í long and 20í wide with the side boundaries cleared marked.For safety, the spectators must be at least 10í beyond the side boundaries (a fence is preferred).


Pull Rules.Organization to provide and enforce all rules unless arrangements made with Tractor Tracks, LLC in advance.Organization to provide announcer, sound system, scale watcher, rule enforcer, flagman, hookman, and line-up person.


The Terms and Conditions on Page 2 of 2 are part of this Pulling Agreement.


______________________ Date: _______†††† _____________________________ Date:______

Signature & Title of Organization Representative†††† Tractor Tracks, LLC, Managing Member

_________________________________††††† W1593 Aniwa Rd.†††† ††††

_________________________________††††† Weyauwega, WI54983

_______________________________________†††† Steve Loehrke: 800-200-5811 or cell 920-540-9963††

Name, Address, and Phone # of Organization††††††††††††††††

Tractor Tracks, LLC

Professional Tractor and Truck Pulling Management


Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions are incorporated into and made part of the Pulling Agreement between the Organization and Tractor Tracks, LLC.


Priorities.The Number One priority for Tractor Tracks, LLC is safety.We donít want anyone to get hurt.Our next priority is to conduct an honest pull with no legitimate complaints.Our third priority is to have fun.None of us are pulling for the money.If we donít have fun, the great sport of antique tractor pulling will end.We also strive to help the Organization conduct a successful pull to earn consideration for repeat business.Our future business depends on how well we operate together.These Terms and Conditions will help keep us friends.


Reserved Dates.The Internet web site has the latest Pulling Schedule with a list of dates for this yearís tractor and truck pulls.To avoid miscommunication of verbal discussions, please check that your date is listed on the Pulling Schedule.


Insurance.Tractor Tracks, LLC has a liability insurance policy on its equipment, but it does not automatically extend to every Organization conducting a pull.The Organization must carry liability insurance coverage for the complete pull including spectators, participants, pullers, workers, volunteers, and equipment.The Organizationís insurance policy must list Tractor Tracks, LLC as additional insured.A copy of the Organizationís policy or binder should be emailed to Tractor Tracks, LLC at least one day prior to the pull.Iif your Organization doesnít list Tractor Tracks, LLC as additional insured under your policy, the your Organization can be listed as Additional Insured under Tractor Tracks, LLCís policy for an extra fee.


Fuel Surcharge.Required. Because fuel costs have skyrocketed, the actual out-of-pocket costs of transporting a heavy eliminator and other equipment necessary to conduct a pull have also increased.Therefore, the Organization agrees to pay a transportation fuel surcharge of $1.50 per mile.The transportation distance is to be measured by actual odometer readings or by Internet mileage calculations using the most reasonable roads to transport the eliminator and equipment from W1593 Aniwa Road, Weyauwega, WI to the pull site and back.


Rain Date.Tractor Tracks, LLC has pulls scheduled for almost every Saturday and Sunday during the pulling season.A Reserved Date is good for only that exact day.If the Organization wishes to reserve another date in case of rain, it must be reserved in advance and requires a separate Pulling Agreement.The $400.00 charge for scheduling a Rain Date is less than half of the charge of a Reserved Date.If a Reserved Date is rained out and the Organization informs Tractor Tracks, LLC before we leave our shop, then the deposit carries to the next year.


Breakdowns.Tractor Tracks, LLC uses the latest style, professionally built, reliability tested, eliminator and scale in the State.However, breakdowns are inevitable.Every effort will be made to fix the problem so the pull can continue.If the pull is unable to be completed due to our equipment breakdown, then the charge for the pull will be prorated based on the number of hooks completed compared to the number of hooks registered.

First Time Pull Organizers.Eligible for special prices.Contact Tractor Tracks, LLC.


Pull Management.Optional. Contact Tractor Tracks, LLC for professional tractor pull management.Complete turnkey pulls are available.Rules, advertising, registration, track officials, flagman, hookman, line-up person, site selection, track boundaries, bleachers, parking, food, refreshments, tickets, insurance, grading equipment, multiple eliminators, sound system dates, times, and other concerns are options that can be handled by Tractor Tracks, LLC.


Things we need to know:

Address of Track: _______________________________Tractor Tracks, LLC

_______________________________________________W1593 Aniwa Rd. ††† †††††

Start Time of Pull:_______________________________††† Weyauwega, WI54983

Estimated End Time:_____________________________††† Steve Loehrke: 920-540-9963

Track Surface (Clay or Blacktop): ___________________††††